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cheapest online trading platform Pakistan Over ten years and a million engineering man-hours, Gibbs Technologies has developed and proven a highly refined and infinitely flexible High Speed Amphibian Technology.

The consumer production vehicle, theVideo clipAquada, has logged hundreds of thousands of hours of road and marine time and proven itself robust and reliable. TheVideo clipQuadski andVideo clipHumdinga programmes have since pushed the technology into single person crafts, and larger four-wheel-drive applications.

Gibbs Technologies is now teaming withVideo clipLockheed Martin to develop a new breed of amphibious combat craft to meet the specific operational requirements of the military.

High Speed Amphibians enable a transformation of operational maneuvers from the sea. From small swift reconnaissance missions to truly amphibious expeditionary and support vehicles, High Speed Amphibians have the ability to realize the vision of the future fighting force. The transition from land to sea, and vice-versa, is seamless, eliminating operational pause in ship to objective maneuvers.

trading online The Aquada has already proven the range of amphibians with record-breaking crossings of theVideo clipEnglish Channel. This shows the ability of High Speed Amphibians to achieve the goals of over-the-horizon sea basing.

The vehicles currently under development and production illustrate the flexibility of the technology, and other platform variants developed to military specifications will enable highly mobile, widely dispersed operations and long ranges.

In 2006 Gibbs Technologies won a U.S. Department of Defense Foreign Comparative Test contract for evaluation of HSA technology for military purposes.

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